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When I first became a Bruce Willis fan, it started me thinking about stardom and acting, what makes a good entertainment movie, and other Mr W-related stuff. I still have a lot of fun discussing it with interested e-mail friends.
This site is a way of sharing the fun with other fans. You'll find some of the results under
Reviews and essays.

Under Filmography with comments I've borrowed a filmography from the Internet Movie Database (IMDb, the Web's greatest movie site - visit often!) and added ratings and mini-reviews. Welcome to add your own ratings and reviews!
Here you'll also find links to relevant reviews and essays on this site, and, of course, to the appropriate IMDb pages.

A set of "best" and "favorite" is collected under Top lists and polls. You are invited to add your choices.

About this site will tell you more than you thought that you wanted to know about this site, including the answer to the obvious question why there are no pictures (in the FAQ).

The keywords in the header, Action, Drama and Comedy, will soon become links to lists of Bruce Willis movies by genre, linked to their filmography entries. Let them help you discover a new side of BW's work.

And, last but not least, Contact Achrya. Use this link to send your comments on BW's movies and on being a fan. (You can also use it to contribute to ratings and top lists, if you have problems with the forms provided.)
Let us fans get together, in Cyberspace anyway.

(Are you looking for a Bruce Willis biography, hard facts about his movies, or latest news?
Sorry, you won't find them here. Look up Bruce Willis on the Internet Movie Database for more information than you thought you needed!)



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