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Filmography courtesy of the Internet Movie Database (IMDb)

Movies in alphabetical order:
Armageddon -
Franky Goes to
Hart's War -
Mortal Thoughts
Nobody's Fool -
The Whole Nine Yards
This is what the commented filmography contains for each title:

Title Release
Genre Rating Rating
(Link to review or essay)

The IMDb link leads to the movie's entry in the Internet Movie Database, where you can find all kinds of factual information and comments: complete cast and crew, IMDb user reviews, external reviews, goof and trivia links, and much more.

The ratings are Achrya's own.
The Movie Rating, 0-10, compares the film to other movies of its kind, where 5 is "regular, average action/comedy/drama".
The BW Rating, 0-10, compares BW's performance in this movie to 1) his performances in other films, and 2) to other actors in this type of film.
5 is "a regular actor's average performance in a normal comedy/drama/action movie".
The normal BW rating on this scale is 6.
In the Mini-Review you'll find the reasons/opinions behind the ratings.

How useful are Achrya's ratings and reviews to you?
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