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Contrary to most moviegoers' beliefs, the largest section of Bruce Willis' work falls under the heading of comedy. Granted, some of my classifications are less than obvious: I suddenly understood many of the adverse reactions to The Fifth Element when an e-mail friend explained that many American viewers didn't see the comedy in it...
Willis' comedies tend to get trashed by critics and ignored by the public, for a lot of reasons. Granted, Woody Allen it ain't, fortunately for those of us who prefer other brands of wit.
And then, if you are stuck with the vision of Bruce Willis the Action Man and get fun instead of fire power and saving the world, you're bound to be disappointed.
If you're at all interested in Willis' actual work and not just somebody's prejudiced view of it, his comedies can't be ignored.
Read about the "regular" Willis vehicles in the "Action" category, or explore some more surprises under the heading of "Drama".

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Blind Date

Breakfast of Champions

Bruno the Kid

Death Becomes Her

Fifth Element, The

Franky Goes to Hollywood

Hudson Hawk

Kid, The

Loaded Weapon 1

Look Who's Talking

Look Who's Talking Too



Player, The

Return of Bruno, The


That's Adequate

Whole Nine Yards, The


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