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Achrya's non-gossip Bruce Willis fan site...

...is a fan site dedicated to the movies and actor's craft of Bruce Willis.
It is not a forum for discussing Mr Willis' personal life, his family, finances, political affiliation etc etc, except where relevant to his work.

The site's owner and author has no connection to Bruce Willis nor any means of contacting him. Any statements about Bruce Willis' work, unless substantiated by quotes, are the author's conjenctures, in no way binding on Bruce Willis.

"Achrya" is an alias. The owner of the achrya.net domain, who uses the alias "Achrya" on the present site, claims the right of intellectual property to the form and content of Achrya's non-gossip Bruce Willis fan site (the ABW site), except where texts are explicitly attributed to other authors.

You are free to quote from ABW site content according to normal scholarly practice, but a notice to Achrya would be appreciated.

Notice is not required to link to Achrya's BW Web site at http://medlem.tripodnet.nu/achrya/ or http://www.achrya.net. In the case of linking to any page except top page of
the ABW site, please send notice to Achrya before use.

A site that links to the ABW site
- may not slander nor damage Bruce Willis or the owner of Achrya.net.
- may not, by means of creating a frame around ABW site content or by any other method, create an impression that the content is anything other than belonging to the ABW site.

The owner of achrya.net condemns unsolicited e-mail marketing ("spam").
Read my privacy policy.

March 2002

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