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- Negative. I am a meat Popsicle.

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- Achrya is a Mangalore.

You certainly remember the Mangalores, Luc Besson's spectacular race of baddies
in "The Fifth Element".

If not, head for your nearest video store and get ready for a kick-ass roller-coaster ride.
In the meantime, look it up on IMDB.

But you won't find Achrya's story in the movie - it's been invented by the author
of this site.

Read Achrya's story


- "Achrya" is an alias.

"Achrya" is a proper name used in India and Nepal.
It is also the name of a character (a spider-shaped monster) in Elisabeth Moon's "The Deeds of Paksenarrion" series.

On this site, it is the alias for the owner of the achrya.net domain.
The owner of the achrya.net domain also uses the alias "Achrya" on IMDb.com, SciFlicks.com, nytimes.abuzz.com, telia.com, tripodnet.nu, spray.se and other sites and communities.

The owner of the achrya.net domain is not related to any Achrya in India, Nepal, on Hotmail or AOL.


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