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The first time I saw a celebrity in the flesh, he was parked on a couch with his feet on the coffee table, a glass of beer in his hand, watching the news on television.

I was twelve years old and the celebrity was a national pop music star. A friend and I had come to their house on an errand for my friend's mother, who knew the celeb's wife. Of course we didn't dare come in and ask for autographs. We just peeked inside the living room and ran out the front door, giggling. But the scene stayed with me forever, reminding me that Stars Are People.

Stars, notably movie actors, have physically and mentally tough jobs. Granted, they get well paid. But many of us fans behave as if we'd bought their free time as well and, by way of thanks for entertaining us, rob them of their right to privacy.

Bruce Willis' movies are just as enjoyable without "background" information about Mr W the private citizen's household, politics or sex life.


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