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Welcome to Achrya’s home on the Web


What will you find here?

The Ramblings of a Verbose Rickmaniac
Fan fiction and non-fiction related to the work of Alan Rickman.
"Conversations" with AR's works and characters, including but not limited to Potterverse fan fics and reviews.

Achrya's academic work:

Task Impact on Cognitive Processing of Narrative Fiction Film Master's thesis in cognitive science, 2006

"THE AUDIENCE DOES ALL THE WORK" En kognitiv studie av åskådares filmförståelse Master's thesis in film studies, in Swedish, 2006

One story and six poems. Literary attempts from way-back-when.

An old Bruce Willis fan site, no longer maintained.
Filmography, essays, comments from around 2000-2003.


Who is Achrya?

Achrya is a Mangalore,
"Achrya" is an alias.



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